About CertVeri

We truly believe in people’s right to protect their success


CertVeri system is a digital portal specializes in providing online and instantaneous certificates verification services for its (registered) members and (non-registered) users/visitors. The system will make certificates information available online anywhere, anytime, 24/7. This service helps individuals, businesses and others to view certificates verification and to verify that the certificate presented in a hardcopy format is real and original.


For Educational and Training Organizations

  • Enhances quality assurance.
  • Helps technology and processes to integrate.
  • Helps members to become members of the global CertVeri community.
  • Reassures the reputation of the institution, as well as, its credibility.

For Certificates’ Holders

  • Protects their successes from fraud.
  • Helps them to have certificates’ information available online anywhere, anytime, 24/7.
  • Helps them get valuable advantage in job interviews.

For Businesses

  • Helps them get instantaneous verification of certificates during job interviews.

What it does?

This system works as an international portal that provides a secure and reliable access to certificates information.

Targeted Users

  1. Educational organizations (universities, colleges, institutes, schools…etc.)
  2. Training organizations (training centers, vocational training centers…etc.)

CertVeri Objectives

  • To prevent fraud of certificates.
  • To increase certificates credibility and reliability.
  • To provide a prestigious tool for system members/users.
  • To help in building professional business model Integration.